samedi 30 juin 2007

Why Adblockblockblock ?

Ads are polluting the internet. Hopefully, Adblock, an extension to the popular web-browser Firefox, allows you to stop them. Adblock+ is its latest version. It lets you whitelist sites you like and click their ads if you want to.

This situation gives to a minority of users the power to choose when and where to see ads. These users, the users of Adblock+, have taken back the web.

A few weeks ago, a script named adblockblock appeared on some forums. Its goal is to test if the user is using Adblock and if so, to prevent the access to the website until Adblock is switched off. Right, now websites force you to see advertisment, while knowing you are willing not to.

(3 times "block", we are against ads) is a really simple greasemonkey script that by-pass adblockblock on sites that may use it. It gives you back the power you lost with adblockblock and prevents you from feeling frustrated.

PLEASE WHITELIST SITES YOU LIKE. Click their interesting ads. Purchase online. Be happy, and remember that the big difference between Internet and Television regarding ads is that as an internet user you have the control over advertisment.

You can download Adblockblockblock on
Please feel free to send me your views on Adblockblockblock by e-mail : adblockblockblock *